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Meet The Top 10 Kumawood Actresses With Their Luxurious Cars(photos)



The Kumawood or utilizing the neighborhood tongue to act have been there even before the Ghana Theater came into existence.However, the “Kumawood” came to unmistakable quality when Kofi Adu otherwise known as Agya Koo moved from following up on stage (Concert Party) to go into film acting about over 10 years back. 

Ghanaian film industry has been partitioned into two.Those who act in English(Ghallywood) and the individuals who act utilizing the nearby lingo (transcendentally Twi) who are generally alluded to as the “Kumawood”

Furthermore, as a result of the recurrence with which they discharge films, a ton of cash has been created for the entertainers who are a lot of adored big names in Ghana.

I bring to you top ten most extravagant Kumawood on-screen characters in Ghana now and the amount they are worth.

10. Rose Mensah otherwise known as Kyeiwaa

Rose Mensah prevalently known as Kyeiwaa is one of the veterans in the Kumawood film industry. She shot to distinction when she acted driving job as a witch in one of the most scrutinized motion pictures in the historical backdrop of Kumawood “Kyeiwaa”. The film had 12 sections!.

From that point forward, Kyeiwaa turned into an extremely well known commonly recognized name in Ghana covering her conceived name. In spite of the fact that she is a veteran in the business, she isn’t as well off as a portion of the youthful ones who entered the business at a later date. Kyeiwaa has moved to the United States.

9. Christiana Awuni

The attractive and stunning Kumawood on-screen character, Christiana Awuni is one of the main ten most extravagant Kumawood entertainers in Ghana now.

Christiana Awuni generally assumes the job of an underhanded and no-nonsense lady in many motion pictures. Be that as it may, she is flexible as she should be. In all honesty talking, she is truly outstanding in the business.

8. Tracy Boakye

Tracy Boakye is one of the youthful stars who joined the business in the relatively recent past however has immediately made name for herself. She is considered as a part of the rich. She is an on-screen character and a film maker.

Many have credited her ascent to distinction through her relationship with the prompt past decision government and it’s pioneer Former President John Mahama.

She claims a cutting edge Saloon shop in Kumasi and rides perhaps the best vehicle in Ghana.

7. Benedicta Gafah

Benedicta Gafah joined the business in 2014 however has immediately ascended to one of the significant players in the business. Something individuals have contributed her astounding magnificence and her adoration for contention.

She as of late intensely pronounced she is the most lovely woman in Kumawood and further proceeded to specify Nana Ama McBrown, Emelia Brobbey, Vivian Jill, and Matilda Asare who don’t come anyplace near her excellence.

This revelation started shock on social with greater part censuring her for her words.Well, she is rich for it. She is the seventh most extravagant entertainer in Kumawood.

6. Ellen Kyei White 

Ellen Kyei White is one of the most regarded entertainers in Kumawood for the most part in view of her quiet nature and how private she is. In any case, that has not been the circumstance of late.

First was the gossip she is presently in a relationship with another Kumawood on-screen character, Emelia Brobbey’s ex.

Whatever reality of these claims is, that isn’t the focal point of this article. Ellen White is one of the rich Kumawood entertainers in Kumawood.

5. Clara Benson otherwise known as Maame Serwaa

Try not to misjudge this kid actress.She is one of the most generously compensated Kumawood entertainers. Believable data coming up has it that, Clara Amoateng Benson wins all things considered $2,500 per film.

That is about GH¢10,000, making her one of the most extravagant big name kids in Ghana.Even as an understudy, she continued featuring in more than 100 of movies.This had made her procured some riches and properties for herself.

4. Kindness Asiedu

Labeled as the lady with the most “chest bosomy” in the film industry.Though Mercy had been following up on stage, she rose to distinction when she featured in a film named “Asoreba” and she never thought back from that point forward.

Her perfect job in the Asoreba film made her the toast of the fans which had made her included in more than 100 motion pictures.

She quit the needle worker or style originator dream to turn into a full-time on-screen character which is her principle wellspring of income.According to her, she has raked in some serious cash from motion pictures to the degree that, she’s ready to support or provide food for her first child’s instruction in the United States.

3. Emelia Brobbey

Emelia Brobbey is a prepared teacher.She got prepared at the Presbyterian Training College and graduated with Teachers’ Certificate “A”.

She likewise holds a confirmation in news coverage, an ICM Certificate in Broadcast Journalism and a B.A degree in Human asset management, can state.

The previous teacher got brought into acting by Nana Ama Mcbrown and furthermore has never thought back since then.Also, one of the most generously compensated Kumawood on-screen character and has additionally highlighted in a ton of films.

She has her own creation, End times Films which has delivered motion pictures, for example, “enye me saa”, “mekunu wuo”, and the as of late debuted “Adanfo Bone”.

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2.Vivian Jill Lawrence

Kumawood star entertainer and the mother of two , Vivian Jill Lawrence on a few events has revealed that she is perhaps the most extravagant on-screen character in Ghana.

The on-screen character previously made that disclosure on “Anigye Fie”, a TV appear on RTV when they visited the entertainer in her home at Santasi in Kumasi.

In that talk with, properties of the on-screen character were appeared in the around “brief’s meeting”. The entertainer on that equivalent show uncovered how she began her acting profession, her business aside acting and the wellspring of her value.

1. Nana Ama McBrown

Nana Ama McBrown is the most extravagant Kumawood on-screen character today.She doesn’t shroud her riches and the amount God has favored her.

Conceived Felicity Ama Agyemang, Nana is the most generously compensated Kumawood actress.And have featured in more than 200 films. The 43-year-old entertainer, vocalist, and comedienne is in her prime of her profession and as yet getting all the underwriting bargains.

She is the best on-screen character, speaking to the two sides of the Ghanaian film industry (Kumawood and what they call Ghallywood), Nana Ama has been scoring high focuses with brands also.

Her supports cut across magnificence items, food, and home apparatuses. They incorporate GOtv, Colorado, Hisense, Calorad Africa and the sky is the limit from there!

Nana Ama now drives one of the most costly most recent Benz around.

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Sad News Hit Happy FM As DJ Adviser Is Reported DEAD



Sad news coming in this morning has it that Happy FM’s DJ Adviser is dead and this was confirmed on the Facebook page of Kwame A-Plus.

Aside from A-Plus’ post, others has also taken to social media and announced the sad death of DJ Adviser.His cause of death is yet to be made known. May he rest in Peace!

Aside from A-Plus’ post, others have also taken to social media and announced the sad death of DJ Adviser.

His cause of death is yet

to be made known. May he rest in Peace!


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Entertainment Prefect Of A Popular Nursing Training College Arrested Over Twerking Competition For 1st Years



Entertainment Prefect Of A Popular Nurses Training College Arrested Over Twerking Competition For 1st Years

According to information gathered by, the Nalerigu Nurses Training College’s Entertainment Prefect.

On Monday, March 1, reported that the Nalerigu Nurses Training College’s Entertainment Prefect had organized a dancing competition for first-year students.

Some female first-year students demonstrated their twerking skills during the event, which was judged by a panel of senior students.

According to reports, the principal learned of the event and reported the Entertainment prefect to the police for violating the president’s various restrictions aimed at combating the deadly virus.

The Entertainment Prefect of the Nursing Training College was arrested and is currently assisting the investigation.

According to the police, the first-year students wanted to riot because they had paid entertainment fees, but there had been no entertainment for a month since they were admitted to the school, so he had to organize the dancing competition.


Police say they are continuing their investigation and will inform the public of their next steps once they are completed.

Police say they are continuing their investigation and will inform the public of their next steps once they are completed.


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‘Coming To America’ Actress Akiley Love Speaks On Her Ghanaian Roots



‘Coming 2 America’ Actress Akiley Love Speaks On Her Ghanaian Roots

‘Coming 2 America’ stunning look actress, Akiley Love has disclosed she has Ghanaian roots in her recent interview.

Speaking in a new interview, she shared that she had to fall back on her heritage during her audition for her role in the upcoming American comedy movie.

“My grandpa is actually from Ghana so it was really cool growing up and watching them walk around with this heavy accent. I would just sit down next to my grandma while she was on the phone talking in this different language. I had no idea what she would be saying,” revealed the 12-year old.

“And when my grandpa talks to me I talk back to him in his accent. So I have had so much practice and the fact that I actually got to do that at the auditions was fun. It was fun playing an African princess, and just putting Africa in a positive light and what it really is.”

Love plays the role of Princess Tinashe in ‘Coming 2 America.‘

“It was really fun doing this movie, walking around seeing all the big actors so casually. It was so much fun seeing all the amazing costumes on set,” remarked Love of the movie set to premiere on March 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

“It is a hilarious movie and I love watching it and being a part of it. Every single black person who watches it is going walk away feeling good because it shows him or her in a positive way, and it shows that they are really powerful. There is a lot of black excellence on screen.”


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