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‘I Am A Proud G.A.Y’ – Top Ghanaian Journalist Boldly Defends His Taste



Coronavirus Vaccine Will Not 'Change' Your DNA – Akufo-Addo

Ignatius Annor, a journalist with Euro News has admitted that he is a homosexual and has over the years denied his sexuality anytime he is confronted with it.


According to him, he denied being gay because of the fear of losing his journalism career.

Admitting that the issue of homosexuality is very controversial, Annor said, some people who have seen him through the lens of being a homosexual and his subsequent denial may see his admission as contradictory.

He explained on PM Express on Joy News that, “in the past, I had denied the fact that I was gay. I did that because of the fear of losing my career.

“At the time, I practised Broadcast Journalism in Ghana for a number of years and being on TV and being ousted brought a lot of pain to my life.”

Ignatius Annor, who said he is an active of gay rights activist indicated that after studying for his Masters in the UK, he came back to Ghana looking for employment but none of the media houses were willing to hire him “just because of the stigma that surrounds my community”.

“This is going to be the very first time, using your medium, to say that not only am I an activist for the rights of African Se.xual Minorities [LGBTQ+] but I am gay; it is the truth that I have accepted, it is the truth that I will live by,” the former Metro TV journalist stressed.

He added, “because I was ousted as a gay person and obviously, I denied because I was afraid of losing my job and also for the fear of what would happen to me personally…”

Ignatius Annor further stated that it does not feel okay for anybody to admit that he is gay and walk freely in Ghana or have access to employment or other social amenities which are “dehumanising and awful”.

He explained further that the people who belong to the African Se.xual Minorities group want to live in the country as any other heterosexual persons live without any stigma.

“I want Ghanaians to have an honest conversation about people who live in your family, people who are your brothers and sisters and see that these are human beings that deserve to have the very life you have and… to be free and go about their normal activity.”

When asked how his family feels about his admission of being gay, Ignatius Annor responded that when he came back from the UK to Ghana in 2017, he had the burning desire to tell his family that he was gay but he thought of speaking to his mom first because “she is my only surviving parent”.

“She looked me in the eye and said to me just because, according to her, at the time that she was listening to a preacher on the radio talking about how demonic it is to be a man and have love for your fellow man or be a woman and have love for your fellow woman and so, she was going to pray to cast out that demon away from me,” he narrated.

He added that to hear that from his mom was very painful but he understood where she was coming from.

“That was not her idea; it was what [had] been repeatedly fed into the minds of people. So, my mom, three years ago was not accepting of it. I remember the following day, she came to say, ‘I have not been able to sleep because of what you told me’ and I could feel her pain because she thought I was going to put my life in danger for what others are facing particularly being a TV person and being suspected of being gay and not openly saying it.

I remember telling her she should forget I said that to her. I said that so that she could have the peace that she needs but at 32 years old today, I have lived a life of lies; I have lived a double life and no human being deserves to do that and to have accepted that truth and live the freedom that I live today, I am a very content person today,” Ignatius Annor narrated further.

He said since he told his mom that she should forget that he said he was gay to her, they have never spoken about his sexuality again.

Annor admitted that throughout his denial, he let down his community just because he did not have the courage to own up to the truth and live it and he, therefore, apologised for it.


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GAY Video Of This Ghanaian Artiste To Be Leaked Online Soon – See Reason



A Ghanaian based in the United States, identifying himself as the president of the gay community, Black Jesus, has threatened to release videos of a singer, Pope Slim, who is engaged in ga-y romance and s-e.x.


The young man who appeared furious in a live Facebook video said that the musician who, in a video, said that late Ebony had died because she was a lesbian, had asked him to remain silent or that he (Black Jesus) would have published his g-a-y s-ek.x videos.

Black Jesus said that he was disappointed, and that he was annoyed when he heard Pope Skinny slamming and denigrating the late Ebony.

Rapper Pope Skinny came out a few days ago to announce that Ebony had died because she had done what was considered an abomination in the eyes of the gods in her hometown.

The rapper in the video reported that Ebony and her late lover had s-ek-x while visiting her (Ebony’s) hometown.

Pope Skinny claimed that God revealed to him that Ebony and her partner Franky Kuri made love in her hometown in Sunyani and this triggered the gods of the land to strike them down.

But Black Jesus slammed Pope Skinny for his comments insisting he was ga,.y himself.

He went on to allege that he (Skinny) is having an affair in the United States with another man.

He has since dared Pope Skinny to deny the allegations and he (Black Jesus) will release his sex videos.

He said Pope Skinny after making his claims against Ebony forgot to tell Ghanaians that his music career was funded by persons who associate with the ga/y community.

He said the private life of people is none of his business but he will not spare people who are ga.y.s and yet, attack their fellow g.a,ys.

He promised to also expose him to the US authorities so he would be deported for instigating hate against the LGBTQI+ community.


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Appointments Committee Cannot Approve or Disapprove Any of Akufo Addo’s Nominee – Abdul Malik Kweku Baako



Appointments Committee Cannot Approve or Disapprove Any of Akufo Addo's Nominee – Abdul Malik Kweku Baako

The Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has opined that the Appointments Committee of Parliament cannot have the final say in the approval or disapproval of any of the ministerial nominees.


According to him, the Appointments Committee can only recommend to the plenary about which nominees to approve or disapprove and the final decision must be made “by consensus or majority decision by the plenary”.

Commenting on a Facebook post by US-based Ghanaian lawyer Stephen Kwaku Asare aka Kweku Azar, who suggested that the disapproval of Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah by the Appointments Committee, which Kweku Azar thinks the Majority of the plenary should reverse, Baako wrote: “but the Appointments Committee does not and cannot have a final say relative to the approval or disapproval process per the Standing Orders! It can only recommend approval by consensus or majority decision by the plenary.

Baako added: “My research findings (so far) show that it is/was on only one occasion that it “unanimously” recommended outright disapproval/rejection of a nominee to the plenary. Even then, some amendments had to be effected on the Committee’s report at the plenary. “De jure no. De facto yes” notwithstanding! Respectfully!!”

Kweku Baako Jnr. explained that he will be more comfortable with a recommendation from the Appointments Committee that appears negative because a negative recommendation to the House will “imply that the Committee’s report to the House is proposing that the nominees be either approved by consensus or majority decision (secret ballot)”.

“I am saying there’s nothing unprecedented or unusual about that [disapproval] factor; the present numerical circumstances of parliamentary representation notwithstanding. There have been instances of nominees who deserved to have been approved by consensus but were subjected to the option of majority decision at the plenary. And that didn’t take anything substantially away from them. Nothing devastating in my candid opinion!” Baako observed.

The Appointments Committee of Parliament has disapproved President Akufo-Addo’s candidates of ministers-nominee for Food and Agriculture, Information and Fisheries, namely Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, and Hawa Koomson, respectively, according to sources that cite Asaase Radio 99.5FM.

The report stated that the Minority side of the committee was not happy with Oppong Nkrumah, accusing him of instigating the Supreme Court judges to cite Dr Dominic Ayine for contempt in the ongoing election 2020 petition hearing.

On these rejections, Kweku Baako insists in his comment on Kweku Azar’s post: “I still don’t get your drift! Essentially and constitutionally, the Committee has no mandate (never had) to approve or disapprove any presidential nominee! NEVER! Some Committee recommendations have/had been disapproved by the plenary. These are part of the precedents and practices of the 4th Republican Parliament since 1993.

Baako further argued: “The point about ‘otherwise, there is no need for the Committee and the plenary should just vote directly on the candidates’ is unsupported by the dictates of the Constitution and the Standing Orders. It just doesn’t arise. And I don’t want to speculate on that scenario.

“It is not good not to come out of the Committee? Maybe. However, there may or could be many reasons why some nominees may “suffer” that deficit! I really do not put much premium on that factor, considering my estimation of the nature of the process..”


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