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Sonnie Badu: Age, Parents, Hometown, Wife, Ph.D., Net-Worth, Career, and Awards



Sonnie Badu Biography: Age, Parents, Hometown, Wife, Ph.D., Net-Worth, Career, and Awards
Sonnie Badu is a Ghanaian-born multiple award-winning International Gospel singer-songwriter and an influential figure in the African Gospel music scene.

He is known for his work as a philanthropist, businessman, TV Presenter, producer, motivational speaker, author, Pastor and for his long-running success as a musician.

Sonnie Badu began his ministry at a very young age, singing in his hometown of Ghana Accra. Let’s take a look at his biography below:

Sonnie Badu Age, Hometown and Early Life

He was born on the 30th of November in the United Kingdom before the family relocated to Accra, Ghana where he grew up. He is the second out of four children from his parents.

Sonnie was raised under a strict Christian upbringing, his father, Reverend Agyeman Prempeh, a prominent pastor in the capital city of Ghana, Accra would wake his children up with a cane for Church every Sunday.

When he was 18 years old, Sonnie became seriously ill. Nobody could figure out what happened to him, and the boy was fading by the minute.

When he thought that there was nothing else to hope for, Sonnie turned to God and promised to dedicate his life to worshipping Him if only the Lord let him live.

God heard his prayers and made the disease go away. This was the moment when Sonnie made a decision to become a minister. However, this was not as simple as it might have seemed. Sonnie admitted that life was not easy for him for quite some time.

He shared that he used to work at Tesco’s, McDonald’s, Dixon’s, Boots and Jones Bootmaker before the start of his career. He cleaned universities while his peers got to study there.

At one point, Sonnie was homeless and had only one suit to wear to church, but that did not diminish his faith in God. He believed and waited for his moment. And the Lord delivered.

Sonnie Badu Private Life and Family

Sonnie was born to parents Prempeh Agyemang and Julia Agyemang in the United Kingdom. He is the second of 4 children.

Both parents were Ministers of the Gospel of Christ and brought their children up in the Lord. It is, therefore, no surprise that Dr. Sonnie Badu is where he is now.

He married Miss Ann-Marie Davis and the couple is literally couple goals at the moment. They are blessed with four children.

Sonnie Badu Career, Awards, and Nominations

Sonnie Badu began his musical career at a very tender age, under the tutelage of his father, a prominent preacher in his hometown of Accra, Ghana.

His decision to become a gospel singer has to do with a close encounter with death at the age of 18 when he was struck with a deadly virus.

He recounts that it was in this moment as he lay on the hospital bed slipping in and out of consciousness with his mother singing hymns into his ear that he made a vow to rededicate his life to God if he pulls through.

It seemed like an irresistible offer to God as immediately he entered into that covenant, his body began to regain strength. It was then that Sonnie Badu ‘The Worshipper’ as he is popularly known was born.

In rising to the pinnacle of achievements, his hall of fame is replete with these significant laurels: he organized the first Africa worship concert in the UK, a congregation of High Commissioners, and ambassadors.

In 2009, he received numerous honours and accolades for his contribution to the gospel community, winning a BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Fashion and Film Award) in the category of Best Gospel Artist.

He was also the recipient of three awards at the Gospel Music Awards Italy in the categories of Best Gospel Artist in Europe, Best Worship Artist of the year and Best Worship song for the smash hit single ‘Covenant Keeping God’ and to crown the year, he has decorated the Best Gospel Male at the British Gospel Music Awards.

He added to his resume best worship song, video of the year and best male contemporary in the recent Africa Gospel Music Awards in the UK.

In 2010, Minster Badu received the two awards in the course of one month: Best Gospel Artist at the 2010 African Music Awards (AMA) held at the Wembley Arena in London on October 15th, 2010 and Best Musician at the GUBA Awards which was held in London on October 24th, 2010.

For Sonnie Badu, it is an honour and privilege to stand and lead God’s children in the art of spiritual intimacy.

His ministry houses the presence of God and where God’s heart is, His hand will be. Testimonies of healing and breakthrough follow him wherever he sets up to praise.

He has performed in a number of countries alongside gospel music stalwarts such as Bebe and Cece Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, Martha Munizzi Alvin Slaughter, Kierra Kiki Sheared, Noel Robinson, Muyiwa, Kurt Carr, Lionel Richardson, Ron Kenoly, Juanita Bynum and more.

In 2008 he launched the annual ‘Sonnie Badu Worships’ program. So far the event has been held in London, Germany, Italy, Ireland, New York, Maryland, Atlanta, Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Ghana and Canada, and its reputations continue to spread with more nations coming on board in the new year.

At the moment, Sonnie’s main task is to help improve the lives of those less privileged in Africa and indeed other parts of the world. In this regard he has stepped up his Ministries Charity Project, ‘Thy Dwelling Place’ Orphanage.

He is currently the head pastor and founder of the Rock Hill in Atlanta, USA.

Sonnie Badu Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

He goes by the handle @sonniebaduuk on Instagram, @SonnieBaduuk on Twitter and SONNIE BADU on Facebook.

Sonnie Badu Latest Songs

He has quite a number of songs to his credit. Among them is the worldwide hits Baba, Still You Reign, I Hail You, Faithful God among others.


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