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Health Minister Should Be Sacked Over Sputnik-V Vaccine Procurement Saga – Martin Kpebu Boldly Tells Akufo-Addo



Full Details: Coup Plotters Wanted To Bomb NCA, Block Jubilee House, And Arrest Akufo

A Private Legal Practitioner, Martin Kpebu, has called on President Akufo-Addo to sack the Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman Manu.

According to him, the Minister has not shown prudence in the handling of the procurement of the Sputnik – V vaccine for the national inoculation exercise.

A Norwegian news tabloid, Verdens Gang, reported that Ghana has made a request to purchase 3.4 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine through two businessmen who are selling it to Ghana at $19 per dose instead of the $10 per dose on the international market.

This has generated public uproar, with the Minority in Parliament and others calling for the cancellation of the deal.

However, the government has explained that it could not secure the vaccines directly from the manufacturer, hence the need to go through some middlemen, and that explains why the cost is higher than the standard price of the Russian vaccine.

But Martin Kpebu in an interview Citi News insisted that the Health Minister has failed in that regard.

He said the least the President can do is to sack him.

“He should know that Ghanaians are very vigilant; so this one, I think the Health Minister has been too sloppy and the least the President can do is to sack him. The President should know that we are very angry with what the Health Minister has done, he has not shown prudence at all and has also shown no sensitivity to how Ghanaians react to issues of money.”

The Minority in Parliament is demanding the immediate abrogation of the contract.

According to the Ranking Member on the Health Committee, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, revelations about the government procuring vaccines at $19 per dose instead of $10 smacks of financial impropriety and cost inflation.

“The minority in Parliament will urge the government to reconsider both terms of this contract with particular emphasis on price and work assiduously through proper diplomatic and approved channels to secure COVID-19 vaccines for Ghanaians.”

He also believes the deal should have gone to Parliament for approval because it passes for an international agreement.

“This contract is unconstitutional, null, and void and the government should abrogate and refrain from making any payment with respect to this contract before laying the entirety of the contract before Parliament for scrutiny and subsequent approval.”



We Are Sorry: You Can’t Be A President This Time: John Mahama’s 2024 Ambition In Limbo



We Are Sorry: You Can’t Be A President This Time: John Mahama’s 2024 Ambition In Limbo

His name rings a bell. He came onto the throne as the youngest of all presidents who have governed the country Ghana post-independence.

He was first sworn in as president after the demise of Ghana’s first-ever president to have died whilst on the seat of the presidency, His Excellency professor John Fiifi Atta Mills.

John Dramani Mahama’s ascendancy to the throne was as dramatic as anything could ever be, going to work one morning as the Vice-President and returning home as a President of the Republic of Ghana the same day in June 2012.

He gave hope to the youth for the fact that once, a young person has been given the opportunity to rule, and maybe, this is a time for the young people to prove that they can also administer this country better than the old age people have done over the years.

Alas, many of his policies and programs targeted at developing this country rather led to the numerous challenges that this country witnessed during his time. There were rampant cases of corruption everywhere in the spheres of government; corruption of higher magnitude such that there were calls for deep investigation against many government officials.

One can name GYEEDA, the almighty RLG, and the Hope City amongst others. All of these projects failed to materialize. Anger grew, and people expressed serious outbursts against the once darling boy of many Ghanaians, John Dramani Mahama.

His government was characterized by mudslinging, pettiness, and bootlicking. This led to a lot of bickering within the circles of government and the NDC as a whole. There was gargantuan agitation against the government of the day led by John Dramani Mahama.

So in the lead-up to the 2016 elections, most of the polls that were conducted pointed out the fact that John Dramani Mahama will become Ghana’s first President to have lost after the first 4-year of ruling the country, and indeed it came to pass that in the 2016 elections.

Ghanaians chose the older Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo over the younger John Dramani Mahama.

It was a resounding voice and oneness from the people of Ghana to discard corruption and to welcome what was described as a future because the NPP promised jobs and most of all free Senior high school.

So to wake up to the news that Mahama says it is likely he will contest the 2024 elections is quite interesting. The headlines have been all over the news that he is likely to come back in 2024.

Will he ever make it despite everything that is happening? From a lot of things, it may be difficult for him.

President Mahama may think he has a chance because of the current outcry of Ghanaians on the Akufo Addo government. He should know that Ghanaians have a different reaction to his recent announcement.

It is shocking, but the reality; Ghanaians may never allow John Dramani Mahama to ever ascend the throne as President of Ghana again. We are sorry, Mr. Mahama, we can’t let this happen. You cannot have our support again.


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”Say Hi To Medikal For Me” – Sam George Boldly Mocks Sister Derby On Twitter Over LGBTQ+ Bill



''Say Hi To Medikal For Me'' – Sam George Boldly Mocks Sister Derby On Twitter Over LGBTQ+ Bill

”Say Hi To Medikal For Me” – Sam George Boldly Mocks Sister Derby On Twitter Over LGBTQ+ Bill

Musician and LGBTQ+ activist, Sister Derby, and lawmaker for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George have been exchanging words on twitter following the latter’s championing of a bill that seeks to criminalize LGBTQ+ activities in Ghana.

The bill since yesterday has got social media talking with some Ghanaians in support whule others disagree.

In a tweet, Sam George expressed contentment with the bill noting that he’s happy with the support it has received so far.

According to him, homosexuality is not a human right and cannot be entertained in Ghana.

However, Sister Derby, who is also a LGBTQ advocate, tweeted back, calling the legislator a backward thinker.

“You are only doing this to score political points forgetting the harm you are causing queer folk. Tell us what else you will personally gain from passing this bill if not political points??? Shame on you!” Sister Derby replied to Sam George’s tweet.

In another tweet, she wrote “You are rather full of perversion. So obsessed with people’s sexual orientation. Shame on you, you backward thinker!!!”


In a clap back, Sam George wrote: “Hopefully, when you figure out what genre of music you can succeed at, we can have a forward looking conversation. Until then, say hi to @AmgMedikal for me. Cheers,.”

Sister Derby replied saying the lawmaker is endangering the lives of Ghanaians with the bill; adding that she considers herself more successful than him.

“Just by fighting for Ghanaians whose lives YOU are endangering, I consider myself far more successful than you.”



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Show Him The Exit Point Now Or You Face The Consequences Allotey Jacobs Tells Akufo-Addo



Show Him The Exit Point Now Or You Face The Consequences Allotey Jacobs Tells Akufo-Addo

Bernard Allotey Jacobs, a social commentator, has called on President Nana Akufo-Addo to fire Health Minister Kwaku Agyeman-Manu.

This follows the Minister’s admission that he erred in handling the entire Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine transaction.

The Minister reached an agreement with a middleman to obtain the vaccines from Russia, but the transaction took place without parliamentary approval.

The Minister is said to have violated Article 181(5) of the 1992 Constitution with his actions.

Answering questions from a bipartisan Parliamentary Committee investigating the contract on Monday, July 19, the minister stated that he did not seek approval because he was “seriously in a situation that could not make me think properly.”

“I was in a desperate and helpless situation with the covid numbers management. In February, there were 78 deaths; by March, there were 56 deaths, and these were the figures that compelled me to act… If you were the Health Minister, I believe you would have made decisions that, in retrospect, you should not have made. The country was not in normal times…this was the environment I found myself in, full of desperation, frustration, and so many other emotions.

Following these admissions, the public has reacted in a variety of ways, with some calling for his resignation.

Mr Jacobs, who believes the Health Minister should be fired, questioned why Mr Agyeman-Manu did not notify Parliament before the transaction.

“You are a member of Parliament. When it comes to international transactions, you are well-versed in the etiquette. So, why are you unable to inform Parliament?”

According to him, the Minister has caused collateral damage to the government and thus does not deserve to remain in office.

“I know the President values friendship and relationships, but when it comes to the point where the old man says I didn’t think properly, the President can also find a way to tell him that, like him, I’m not thinking properly, so go home. “It’s as easy as ABCD,” he said on Peace FM.


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