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How To Use Cassava Leaves And Garlic To Break Spiritual Marriage



Others would also wonder why not just cassava leaves or garlic alone?

It’s very good to ask all these questions, but I want all of us to realize that when two strong spiritual elements are combined, amazing and powerful results are created very quickly.

Cassava leaves and garlic are both spiritual elements which, because God created the world, have a very strong spiritual historical history.

In ancient times, it was used by our great-grandfathers to scare out evil spirits.

Please let us all understand this divine protocol that has what he or she hates or can not withstand as evil spirits do, as any creature in this world has.

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So let’s try to make this one clear that, there are some Divine aspects evil Spirits dislike and cannot withstand it due to how the Almighty God made it.


I’m going to encourage someone with a persistent and serious spiritual marriage to follow the path we all learn.



Leaves of cassava



*Grind the cassava leaves and garlic in the earthenware bowl or use the mortal and pestle to pound the two till you get a smooth mixture (you can a little bit of clean water during the process) (you can a little bit of clean water during the process)

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Remove it from the earthenware bowl and drop it in a clean jar.


How to make use of it:


Using a very limited amount of direction as a pomade in your body and then sleep throughout the evening when you are about to go to bed.


When you start with it, do not quit applying it and you see you don’t feel it again.

For 3 weeks, proceed and you can avoid it.

* Could be used by couples or individuals (but not friends and group of people)

* A safe and secret place should be kept.

Other IT helps

* This gives marital satisfaction


Spiritual barrenness ends


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A stable marriage is brought in.


It leads to financial breakthroughs


It ends the evil spirits of such spiritual chronic diseases


For more information, please like, share and follow me.


Thank you very much and may you and your family be blessed by the good Lord.



Erin Sutton Biography, Age, Career, Marriage, Net Worth



Erin Sutton Biography, Age, Career, Marriage, Net Worth

Who is Erin Sutton?

Erin Sutton is an American entrepreneur and celebrity spouse, well-known for being the wife of Paul Stanley who is a renowned American rock singer, painter, and songwriter.

Erin Sutton Biography

The American entrepreneur, and celebrity spouse, well-known for being the wife of Paul Stanley who is a renowned American rock singer and songwriter, Erin Sutton was born in 1973 in her home country in America, United States.

Erin Sutton Career

Speaking of her career, exact information regarding Erin Sutton’s professional life is unknown. However, ThrillNG gathered that she is an entrepreneur. Moreover, she is famous for being a celebrity spouse and so that is enough information from her.

Erin Sutton Marriage with Paul Stanley

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Erin Sutton is currently married to Paul Stanley with whom she has been married for more than a decade and a half. Notably, the now-couple exchanged their marital vows at The Ritz-Carlton, Huntington in Pasadena, CA, on November 19th, 2005.

Their marriage celebration was held in 2005 in California. Sutton and Stanley met for the first time at a cáfe when Stanley was fifty years old. Of course, Paul was married but separated from his ex-lover a long time ago, at the time he met with Erin.

Erin Sutton’s husband, Paul Stanley is a famous American songwriter, musician, singer, and painter. Notably, Paul is also well-known for being the co-lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the rock band tagged ‘KISS.’

While Paul Stanley is all over the place for being a famous American musician and star, Erin Sutton is a reserved fellow whose unlimited personal life information is unknown to the ThrillNG at the time of this publication.

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Moreover, the couple has three children together, two girl children and a boy child. Colin Michael Stanley (born September 6th, 2006), Sarah Brianna Stanley (born January 28th, 2009), and Emily Grace Stanley whose date of birth is not clear. Paul Stanley has a son named Evan Shane Stanley from his first and previous marriage.

Erin Sutton Height

Erin Sutton’s height stands at 5 feet 10 inches, and her weight at 59 in kilograms, approximately 1.78 in millimeters, and 131 Lbs respectively. While she has green-colored eyes, and blonde hair color, Erin’s measurement is 36-29-35 and her shoe size is 11 (United States.)

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She’s Caucasian White by ethnicity, an American by nationality, and a Christian by religion. Married to Paul Stanley, the celebrity spouse is an entrepreneur by profession.

Erin Sutton Net worth

At the time of this publication, Erin Sutton’s net worth is not estimated. However, she has a joint net worth of $150 million with her husband. As it is, the couple earns over $4 million monthly.


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Lady Confused As DNA Test Reveals Her Baby Isn’t Her Husband’s Biological Child



Lady Confused As DNA Test Reveals Her Baby Isn’t Her Husband’s Biological Child has chanced on a Facebook post that has since gone viral and this message gathers and shares a very controversial real-life story.

In today’s world, trusting a woman has turned to be something else as married men even prefer to go in for a DNA test without informing their wives.

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This is beacause most of the results of men who undergo DNA testing comes out with shocking revelations and results. 


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Orianne Cevey Biography, Education, New Husband, Age, Net Worth



Orianne Cevey Biography, Education, New Husband, Age, Net Worth

Who is Orianne Cevey?

Orianne Cevey is a famous jewelry designer and businesswoman from Nyon, Switzerland, and she’s also an ex-wife of a famous musician and actor named Phil Collins. She’s also a philanthropist and a motivational speaker.

Orianne Cevey Career

Orianne Cevey is an entrepreneur and businesswoman and is widely known as a philanthropist.

She has involved herself in different jobs while growing up to ensure she can support herself financially. With time, she could scale through until she got her first official job, where she served as a manager in a capital firm in Switzerland.

All this while she still had an interest in jewelry design, and gradually she was able to gather enough experience. She started her event management in 1994, but before then, she had worked as a translator, where she met her first husband.

In 2004, she established her jewelry design company that makes jewelry for men, women, and children; she makes distribution through her website and has physical stores in New York and Saint Tropez coach level. She is a co-founder of the title dreams foundation, which supports underprivileged children to fulfill their goals.

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Orianne Cevey Education

While growing up, she was sent to a public school where she showed interest in sporting activities, including skiing, golf, and tennis. She went further with her education and graduated from the University of Switzerland, after which she was able to acquire a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management.

Orianne Cevey Health Condition

As far back as 2014, she was treated for slipped disc in her neck, and it made her go through surgery that replaced the damaged disk with a prosthetic, and this process paralyzed her.

At a time, she had to file a complaint against the hospital, which later revealed that the reason for her paralysis was Brown-Sequard syndrome. She went for rehabilitation for several months and was able to walk again.

Orianne Cevey Social Media Handles

She has an Instagram account where she also posts about her jewelry designer with the username @ocjewelleryusa with over 14.5 thousand followers and follows just 5161 people, and she has made over 3945 posts.

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She doesn’t have as many followers on Twitter compared to what she has on Instagram. Her Twitter handle is @OrianneCollins, with less than 400 followers, and she is following less than 80 people.

She is from a mixed ethnicity because her dad is Swiss while her mum is from Thailand. Concerning her siblings, there is no information about them or their names.

Orianne Cevey Marital status

Orianne Cevey doesn’t have a smooth-running relationship when it comes to marriage, but she never gave up and was able to keep moving on.

She met her first husband while working as a translator, on his tour, and they fell in love; in 1999, she married him.

Philip David Charles Collins is widely known for having sold over 150 million records, and he is seen as a best-selling artist. He is 21 years older than Orianne Cevey, which made people talk about their marriage.

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They had two young boys named Nicholas Collins, born in April 2001, and Mathew Thomas Clemance, born in 2004. Although life has its way of tossing things around, in 2008, her marriage with Phil Collins ended. Her settlement for divorce was over 25 million euros. This divorce made a record as the most significant British celebrity divorce.

They got back together and wanted to continue, but it never had a happy ending. Orianne Cevey also had a failed marriage with Charles Fouad Mejjatii, and they had a son named Andrea.


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