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Panasonic TX-55LZ2000 Review: The Ultimate Home Cinema 4K TV



Panasonic TX-55LZ2000 Review: The Ultimate Home Cinema 4K TV

The Panasonic TX-55LZ2000 is the living room equivalent of a premium West End cinema. A no-compromise entertainment machine, boasting incredible 4K picture quality, courtesy of the brand’s HCX AI Pro SoC, shiny new OLED.EX panel technology, and arguably the best Dolby Atmos sound system you’ll hear built into a TV.

Just like any premium cinema though, the ticket price is high. The good news is here, no one is going to kick the back of your seat.

55 Inch Master OLED Pro TV | TX-65LZ2000B | Panasonic UK & Ireland

Panasonic has also upped its game (literally), with its new Game Control Board interface and offers console-friendly features. If you spend as much time gaming as you do movie watching, then this is a TV that demands to be shortlisted.

The LZ2000 is available in three screen sizes (one more than last year’s JZ2000 line): 55-, 65- and (the new) 77-inches (TX-55LZ2000, TX-65LZ2000, TX-77LZ2000), priced at £2,299, £2,899, and £4,299 respectively. We’ve got the 55-incher on our test bench, and spoiler alert, we reckon it’s one of the best TVs of the year. Read on to find out why.

Our quick take

As befits its flagship status, the LZ2000 is predictably brilliant. We’ve always appreciated the accuracy and cinematic presentation of Panasonic’s HCX processing, and here we see it at its zenith, coupled with a startling dynamic OLED panel. Big budget TV shows and movies get the red carpet treatment.

I’m not entirely sure of the value of that new beamforming driver array, but the set’s overall Dolby Atmos delivery is a knockout. It’s more than able to keep pace with blockbuster movie soundtracks, in terms of steerage and visceral attack. 

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The HDMI provision is also good, although it would be nice to graduate to four HFR cable inputs at some point; still, the set’s a great partner for a next-gen games console. We’ve not seen Call of Duty Warzone run smoother or look sharper than it does on the TX-55LZ2000.

All things considered, the TX-55LZ2000 can be considered a total movie star. It comes highly recommended.


  • 4 x HDMI 
  • 360° Soundscape Pro audio system
  • 1 x Digital Optical Audio output
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Admittedly, the LZ2000 looks much like its predecessor, the JZ2000, but lurking unseen behind the cosmetics, it features next-generation OLED glass and a Dolby Atmos sound system, which has been upgraded with an all-new, steerable, front-facing array. You can actually point its sonic output left or right, using a nifty onscreen graphic, thereby favouring one part of a room over another. 

The flagship screen still sports its signature rear-mounted height channel speakers and side-firing drivers, augmented by a rear-firing woofer. Panasonic dubs this system 360° Soundscape Pro, with a total power output rating of an impressive 150W.

The TX-55LZ2000 may not be the slimmest of models – those rear placed speakers require some room to breathe after all – but the set looks elegant enough.

The panel sits on a central pedestal stand and has a wafer-thin bezel (it’s so slim I’m

Connectivity is good, with a caveat. There are four HDMI inputs, but only two can handle High Frame Rate (HFR) 4K 120HZ video. There’s eARC support (but given the potency of the set’s audio system, this is unlikely to be partnered with a soundbar), plus ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR with AMD Freesync Premium support. 

If you need them, there are three USB ports, plus a digital optical audio output and Ethernet. Wireless connectivity comes via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

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The LZ2000 has terrestrial Freeview Play, and satellite tuners, plus a CI slot.


  • My Home Screen v7.0
  • Game Control Board interface
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support

not even sure it can be called a bezel anymore). The remote control is similarly well made and substantial, with dedicated buttons for Netflix, Rakuten TV, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube and Freeview Play.

The streaming app selection includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Britbox, Rakuten TV,  Disney+, plus all the catch-up services you’d expect from Freeview Play, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play, CBS Catch Up and Legend.

Gamers will appreciate the new Game Control Board, a pop-up overlay of related settings (picture mode, 4K Bypass, HDR tonemap status and VRR). There’s also an info panel which offers minutiae about resolution, frame rate and colour space. To save having to navigate menus to find this cornucopia of detail, you can assign the Game Board to the ‘My App’ button on the remote zapper, which is a nice touch.


  • Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ Adaptive, Filmmaker mode with Intelligent Sensing
  • HCX AI Pro processor
  • Dolby Atmos audio
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The TX-55LZ2000 is a joy to watch. Its images are detailed and colour rich, without any hint of unwanted emphasis or noise. There’s depth in its shadows and nuance in its wideband colour. 

The combination of the brand’s well exercised HCX AI Pro processor, and Master Pro OLED panel, translates to immense visual pop. This is as good a bright room set as it is a darker room monitor. Leave the screen on its Auto AI preset and it’ll work in tandem with an ambient light sensor to present the best balanced picture it can muster, given your viewing conditions.

The HCX AI Pro chip is immensely powerful, and helps to further ensure you’re always watching the very best picture you can. It can compare content frame by frame in real time, referencing it with a database using genre recognition, in order to tweak your picture settings accordingly.

Panasonic TV engineers have had plenty of practice when it comes to heat management, enabling them to drive panel technology hard to give better brightness. Here that expertise gets a welcome lift, courtesy of OLED-EX. 


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This Right Deal Here Is The Samsung Galaxy A14



This Right Deal Here Is The Samsung Galaxy A14

Samsung’s unannounced Galaxy A14 has appeared in leaked press shots and it looks pretty good for a budget handset, too.

The phone, which is expected to come with a large 6.8-inch Full HD+ display, has been shared by leaker Evan Blass. He says that these images are the real deal and will be used by Samsung for press purposes, rather than the unofficial renders that had been shared before now.

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These images show the front, back, and side of the phone including a trio of cameras around the back alongside an LED flash. The main camera is expected to be a 50-megapixel shooter, with a 13-megapixel camera handling selfie duties around the front.

On the inside, we’ve been told to look forward to an as-yet-unknown Exynos chip and a 5,000mAh battery.

The phone itself is expected to be “quite aggressively priced” while Blass also expects that carriers will offer “numerous ways to take it home for free”.

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As for when Samsung is expected to finally take the wraps off the Galaxy A14, we still don’t have any concrete information. However, the report by Blass appears to suggest that it isn’t too far out, saying that Samsung will announce it after “people have already done their holiday shopping” as part of the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Trust Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set



Everything You Need To Know About The Trust Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

Whether you’re an office worker, casual PC user, gamer, or programmer working long hours, a good keyboard can enhance your experience during any activity.

Wireless solutions offer flexibility and range and can declutter the desk to boost your concentration and productivity.

But is the Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set the best wireless solution for your workstation or personal system setup? It distinguishes itself in four core categories, which says a lot about its potential and wow factor. Here are its main benefits.


Everything you need to know about the Trust Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set photo 9

Environmentally conscious laptop and PC users had few options when it came to peripherals. That is until the Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set entered the scene. Built from 85% recycled materials and shipped in sustainable packaging, this keyboard and mouse combo earns a respectable 4-star Clevergreen rating.

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This eco-friendly alternative to traditional peripherals sets the stage for high-end performance and flexibility, all the while minimizing carbon footprint.

But don’t let the sustainable design fool you. The recycled PCR ABS plastic is durable and moulded to create a tough and spill-resistant keyboard and a versatile mouse.


Everything you need to know about the Trust Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set photo 8

Aside from its sustainable design, the Trezo Comfort Keyboard and Mouse combo sets itself apart with impressive quietness. 

Few keyboards are truly silent, and the ones that are will rarely have additional standout features. But Trezo Comfort’s silent keys enable users to work in any environment and at any hour without disrupting their surroundings. It’s a reliable solution for home offices, virtual meetings, podcast studios, video editing, and other activities that require unobtrusiveness.

The mouse buttons’ soft action makes the entire set much more enjoyable and drives it forward as a remarkably silent keyboard and mouse combination for everyday use.

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Everything you need to know about the Trust Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set photo 7

Wireless keyboards can be loaded with features. But sometimes, the bells and whistles can’t compensate for substandard core features. This is where the Trezo Comfort gets it right.

The keyboard and mouse have superior resource management and can use the battery quite efficiently. With a pair of good Duracell batteries, the keyboard can have enough power for up to 48 months. The mouse has a shorter battery life but still puts out a respectable 12 months of uptime on a charge. The set uses three AA batteries in total, with Duracell batteries included in the package for convenience.

The low power drain, considering the extra keyboard functions, is even more impressive.

The Trezo Comfort Keyboard comes with a full range of media keys and office keys. It gives users more control over their systems and apps from the keyboard and can streamline various commands. In addition, supporting a range of 10 meters on a wireless connection is no joke.

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While the devices use little power in standby mode, users can switch off the mouse and keyboard when not in use to conserve even more energy and maximize battery life.


Everything you need to know about the Trust Trezo Comfort Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set photo 10

What else can a keyboard and mouse set offer besides good battery life, range, and silent keys? People who spend most of their time glued to the screen are at risk of serious wrist, finger, and elbow strain.


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Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Review: Luxury Listening



Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Review: Luxury Listening

When B&W launched the new Px7 S2 noise-cancelling headphones back in June, it teased that there would be something even better coming later in the year – its flagship headphones, and most advanced headphones yet, the Px8.

Now, the Px8s are here – and they’re predictably gorgeous. But do they make the £220 uplift in price from the also-awesome Px7 S2 make sense? Read on for our full review.


  • 189mm x 63mm x 233mm
  • 320g
  • Leather and aluminium design
  • Black and tan colour options

Flagships headphones need a flagship design, and the Px8 don’t disappoint. Anyone who remembers B&W’s P9 Signature headphones from 2016 will recognise a similarly luxurious build here. 

For a start, the headphones sit on a sturdy cast-aluminium arm structure with a matching aluminium logo plate on the earcups. There’s tactile raised lettering for the Bowers & Wilkins logo and a bright diamond-cut edge that all helps give these headphones that premium look and feel you’d expect from B&W.

B&W Px8 headphones photo 2

That’s only bolstered further by a soft Nappa leather finish across the earcups, headband and memory foam cushions, which is lovely to the touch and feels much more luxurious than the more rugged Saffiano leather of the P9s. Don’t let their plushness worry you though – we have been using them as our main pair of over ears for a few months now and they still look as good as when they came out of the box. There’s durability here too.

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In terms of core design, the Px8 are not unlike the design of the Px7 S2, but it’s just a level up in materials and craftmanship. We love the way they look, but vegans will need to look elsewhere for their premium cans. Leather is the only material the Px8s are available in.

On the right earcup there are the majority of the physical controls, consisting of a Bluetooth pairing switch, volume up and down controls and a ridged multi-function button for music and call control with a varying number of presses. On the left earcup there is a single Quick Action button – this is set as standard to move through the noise cancellation modes, but you can change it to trigger your voice assistant if you prefer. All buttons are easy to access and have reassuring clickability.

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There is no 3.5mm jack input here, but there is USB-C with a USB-C to 3.5mm cable included for wired listening (though they will still need to be charged) as well as a standard charging cable – all stashed in carrying case.

With the Px8s you get a choice of black or tan leather colourways, the latter having cream accents on the cushioning. Speaking of which, the comfort and fit is up a notch here too. It’s subtle but definitely noticeable when A/B testing against the Px7 S2 – and they’re a comfortable pair of headphones.

This is helped by the fact that B&W has managed to keep the weight down despite the more premium materials. Weighing in at just 320g, that’s only 17g heavier than the Px7 S2. Not bad at all.

Features and battery life

  • Noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth 5.0, aptX Adaptive support
  • Up to 30 hours battery life
  • Fast charging

The B&W Px8 are noise cancelling headphones, and use the same Bowers & Wilkins-optimised noise cancelling technology as the Px7 S2. Six high-performance mics work together to deliver the best results, with two measuring the output from each drive unit inside the earcup, two reacting to the ambient noise in the outside world and another two helping to provide voice clarity for calls while suppressing noise.

As with Px7 S2, the performance of the system has been improved from B&W’s original Px7 by moving the two external microphones closer together, adjusting the angling of each microphone to improve voice capture and changing the position of the second mic to reduce wind noise interference.

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