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(Video) Slay Queen Takes Off Her ‘PIOTO’ And Dances In A YAWA Style – Watch



(Video) Slay Queen Takes Off Her ‘PIOTO’ And Dances In A YAWA Video – Watch

Pregnancy is beautiful and giving birth also remains the pride of every woman across the globe devoid of her ethnicity or background.

A video gathered by TeacherKwadwo.Com captures a pregnant mother, who took off her ‘pioto’ as she danced to entertains her social media followers.

TeacherKwadwo has gathered this video as it has gone viral and brings it to you below.

Watch the video below:

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Check Out The Diseases You Can Easily Cure With Prekese



Check Out The Diseases You Can Easily Cure With Prekese

Prekese has been used as a medicinal herb in Africa for generations, and its therapeutic effects have been documented and verified in laboratory and field studies since 1948.

It stretches from Senegal to Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, and down to Angola and Tanzania in the south. The Aidan tree prefers secondary forests and rainforests, though it can also be found in savannah woods.

Below are exceptional health benefits of prekese you probably didn’t know according to health experts.

Prekese or Tetrapleura tetraptera is beneficial for treating Type 2 diabetes mellitus, according to a study conducted on rats. Prekese fruit extract is reported to reduce blood glucose levels.When you have a cold, Prekese is a fantastic remedy. Soaking the plant in warm water is the best way to use it. Take a bath with the infused water. This is supposed to reduce fever and body temperature significantly.
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The aridan plant is also effective in the treatment of leprosy, according to a study. The condition has a significant impact on the skin, mucous membranes, and nerves, resulting in lumps and skin blemishes. More severe cases of leprosy might result in mutilation and deformities.

The plant’s stem and bark can be used to treat high blood pressure. According to studies, the plant is effective in treating high blood pressure and lowering oxidation levels in hypertension patients.

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Vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium are abundant in the plant. It aids in the immune system’s strengthening.

Iron in the plant aids in the regeneration of lost blood, zinc protects against the virus that causes respiratory tract infections, and potassium and calcium aid in the management, prevention, and control of muscular diseases and bone strengthening.


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Leicht Perlig Biography, Career, Boyfriend, Age, YouTube, Net worth



Leicht Perlig Biography, Career, Boyfriend, Age, YouTube, Net worth

Leicht Perlig Biography

Well-known for posting videos ranging from travel to food and general mischief on her YouTube channel tagged “Softsparkling,” Leicht Perlig was born on an unknown month and date in 1990 in her home country, Germany.

Although a couple of sources have, in the past, claimed that Leicht Perlig is from Russia, the social media influencer is originally from Germany – she debunked the reports that she is from Russia in one of the vlogs she posted on her YouTube channel.

Leicht Perlig Education

While details of her educational background are unknown to the public, it is okay to say that Leicht has at least elementary and high school graduate certificates. 

Leicht Perlig Career 

Leicht Perlig started her career in the entertainment industry by randomly posting videos and pictures of herself on her Instagram page. Later, she would create a YouTube channel where she now posts video content ranging from travel Vlogs to food and general mischief videos. 

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As it were, Leicht rose to the limelight in 2019 after her pictures went viral on the internet. Apart from being a model, Softsparkling is also a model. As a model, she has been featured in a couple of magazines and publications where she modeled products for brands. 

Leicht Perlig Instagram

As a social media influencer and model, Leicht Perlig has accumulated over 2.9 million organic followers on her Instagram account with the username @softsparkling. Since she joined the video and picture-sharing app Instagram, Leicht has made only 200 posts on her @softsparkling account. 

What’s more, Leicht has another Instagram account with the username @zartprickelnd. According to her bio on her @softsparkling and @zartprickelnd Instagram accounts, @zartprickelnd is her account. There, she has over 792k followers with 391 posts. 

Leicht Perlig YouTube 

On YouTube, Leicht shares video content ranging from travel to food and general mischief. At the time of this publication, she has posted 14 videos and has accumulated over 1.5 million views. She is on the video-sharing app with the username Softsparkling with 57.1k subscribers. 

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Leicht Perlig Age, Birthday, Nationality

When this article was up on the Thrill NG website, Softsparkling was 32 years old. She celebrates her birthday yearly, holds German citizenship by birth, and belongs to the White ethnic group. 

Leicht Perlig Height, Weight 

Leicht Perlig stands five feet four inches above the ground. Side by side, she weighed 60 kilograms or 132 pounds at the time. 

Having a brown-colored hair type and a brown-colored pair of eyes, Softsparkling enjoys traveling, working out at the gym, shopping, cooking, and partying as hobbies. 

Leicht Perlig Family, Parents 

Well, Perlig is her family name. Be that as it may, however, we couldn’t lay our hands on information about her father’s and mother’s names. While this is so, we gathered that her family is a businessman while her mother is a housewife. 

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Leicht Perlig Boyfriend 

Softsparkling has yet to reveal details about who she is currently dating (boyfriend). 

Leicht Perlig Nicknames

Perlig has two nicknames — Softsparkling is one, Zartprickelnd is another. 

Leicht Perlig Net worth 

Leicht Perlig has an estimated net worth of between $200,000 and $300,000. She earns her net worth from her career as a model and social media influencer. 


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‘Suck A Breast Within October’ – Health Expert Advises Men



‘Suck A Breast Within October’ – Health Expert Advises Men

Health expert and CEO of Chartma Herbal Health Centre has urged men to suck a breast within October as part of breast cancer awareness month.

Charity Twumasi Ankrah in an interview with KMJ on Prime Morning Tuesday explained that breast-sucking is a major way to help curb breast cancer in women.

According to her, it is very important for a woman’s breasts to be sucked as it keeps the breast healthier.

“Breastfeeding your baby is very important as a woman. That’s why if a woman has not given birth, it is a worry because, at the end of the day, the breast must be sucked.

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She added, “If you’re a man, please try as much as possible, even if you haven’t done it before, for this month of October where we have breast cancer awareness, try to suck a breast.”

Also, the health expert indicated that the sucking needs to be done once in a while, not every day.

However, she has cautioned all men to avoid squeezing the breasts as it may cause pain to ladies, saying “it is not a balloon.”

Charity Ankrah also entreated women who are victims of breast cancer to freely cut off the affected breast to protect the whole body. She believes it is not a death warrant.

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“Having breast cancer in one breast is not a death warrant. I should be able to take the one that is affected off so I can have my life. It wouldn’t be comfortable to take all two off, but I have to be ok to take one off,” she said.

She further encouraged, “For the women out there, gather courage if you have to do it. Don’t feel shy, don’t feel bad. Just know that you’re saving yourself if one breast has to go off.”

Health expert has called out to the public to stop stigmatising victims of breast cancer, believing it is a part of the reason most women are reluctant to go for checkups or cut off their breasts.

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Meanwhile, women are advised to visit the nearest hospital or breast screening centre within the month of October to screen their breasts as October is breast cancer awareness month.


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