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Xiaomi Book S review: Promising Hardware in Need of a Speed Boost



Xiaomi Book S review: Promising Hardware in Need of a Speed Boost

The Book S is Xiaomi’s take on a Windows-based 2-in-1 tablet. In many ways, it’s a lot like Microsoft’s own Surface Pro X, or the newly released Surface Pro 9 5G, which both utilise ARM processors and feature a similar form factor.

What makes the Xiaomi Book S so interesting, though, is its pricing. It’s significantly cheaper than Microsoft’s offerings and promises a similar experience with comparable specifications.

So, if you’re in the market for a Windows 11 convertible, should you consider the Xiaomi Book S over the popular Surface options? We’ve been putting it to the test to find out.

The Xiaomi Book S is a well-built and versatile Windows 2-in-1 with a lovely display and an attractive price tag.

Expandable microSD card storage, a great keyboard cover, an excellent webcam and speedy charging also add to its appeal.

Unfortunately, the processing power just isn’t sufficient for our daily needs, and that will likely be the case for many users.

If you need Windows 11 and are only looking to achieve basic tasks, then this could be a decent option. However, we think most people would be better served by an Android or iOS tablet, or a traditional Windows laptop.

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  • Dimensions: 294 x 197 x 8.95mm
  • Weight: 720g (tablet only)
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 1x USB-C, 1x 3.5mm headphone socket, 1x microSD

The tablet has an understated yet premium design, with a matte black finish and fairly squared-off edges. It reminds us of Sony’s Xperia phones, albeit a giant version. With a 12.4-inch display, it’s a fairly sizable tablet, but Xiaomi has managed to keep it lightweight and portable.

We’re fans of the minimal design, but unfortunately, the effect is quickly ruined by how easily the body picks up fingerprint smudges. You might not notice, though, as often the rear of the device is covered by a magnetic leather effect covering, that doubles up as a kickstand.

In terms of I/O, we get a single USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone socket. There’s also a microSD card slot, in the form of an ejectable tray, like you’d use for a SIM card in your smartphone. We were pleased to see this, as it means you can easily and cheaply upgrade your storage, should you need some extra space.

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It functions as a semi-permanent solution, as there’s no way to accidentally eject the card. However, it’s worth noting that you can’t upgrade the SSD like you can on the Surface Pro devices, in this case, microSD or USB storage expansion is the only option.

Xiaomi Book S review photo 4

The keyboard cover is sold separately for around £100, and for most people, it’s pretty much an essential purchase. It connects via a proprietary port on the base of the device and is secured via magnets and two locating pins. When shut, it protects the tablet’s display and gives the device the appearance of a slim leather folio.

In use, the keyboard cover sits flat on the desk, there’s no option to add an incline like you can with the Surface keyboards. Some users won’t mind this, but we much prefer a little slope, typing on a flat surface feels very unergonomic.

On the plus side, though, this design completely eliminates deck flex. There’s also a surprising amount of key travel, and Xiaomi even managed to squeeze a backlight into its thin frame. It’s a very decent typing experience, and it’s complemented by a solid and responsive trackpad with multi-touch gesture support.

Xiaomi Book S review photo 1

Our least favourite aspect of the design is the kickstand. We like that it’s removable, giving you the capability of removing some bulk in tablet mode, but its removable nature means that it’s just not secure enough for our liking. Many times, when we were trying to adjust the angle of the screen, we found the magnetic cover popping off entirely, which was quite frustrating. There’s almost no chance of it working on an uneven surface, either.

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Best Lightning headphones in 2022 for your iPhone or iPad



Best Lightning headphones in 2022 for your iPhone or iPad

To listen to music on any iPhone since the age-old iPhone 7, you either need a pair of Bluetooth headphones, a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter (no longer included in the box since 2018) or a pair of wired headphones that will connect to the Lightning port.

It’s not something you see in every store or from every brand, but Lightning headphones do exist, and they allow you to plug a pair of headphones directly into the port on the bottom edge of your iPhone.

So, why choose Lightning headphones? Lightning headphones do have a special quality; they’re capable of receiving lossless stereo 48kHz digital audio output from Apple devices and sending mono 48kHz digital audio input. They can also draw power from an Apple device (even if the device is asleep).

Apple’s Lightning port can also support headphones with integrated digital-to-analogue converters (DACs) and amplifiers, so audio travelling through the Lightning port will pass into the headphones digitally, thus avoiding typical analogue signal interferences you get with other headphones. That means it’s one of the highest-quality ways to get audio delivered directly from your iPhone.

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Best Lightning headphones: Our top pick

The best Lightning headphones 2020 for your iPhone or iPad image 2

Belkin SoundForm iPhone Headphones with Lightning Connector


  • Very affordable
  • Tangle-free cable


  • Inline mic/control hangs off one ear
  • Not the most secure fit

The Belkin makes our top pick because we believe what most people want is an affordable, un-fussy pair of in-ears to replace the wired earpods that used to come in the iPhone box. This is arguably the closest thing to those you’ll find.

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Available in both black and white, these wired Lightning headphones also come in a USB-C version for Android phones. They’re Apple-certified and come with a tangle-free cable. Naturally, they’re at home with calls or music, while there’s also an in-line volume control.

As you can see, they’re inexpensive compared to many other Lightning headphone options, too.


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Volt Infinity 2022 ebike Review: A Bike for All Occasions



Volt Infinity 2022 ebike Review: A Bike for All Occasions

There are ebikes for all sorts of riders on the market, in case that’s worth pointing out, but it’s quite rare to try one that’s ideal for city-dwellers but can also handle some slightly more mixed terrain.

Volt’s latest version of its Infinity bike is just that – a joy to ride on smooth streets, but no problem if you have to go off-path a little, thanks to its suspension. Here’s how we’ve found it in more detail.


  • Weighs 23.6kg
  • Available in silver only

The Infinity bears a clear resemblance to the Volt London that we rode a few months ago – it has the same dusted silver finish and contrasting black battery segment.

The frame, of course, is very different with a more mountain-bike-esque look and feel that makes for a slightly different riding position that is a little more poised.

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The bike also adds suspension on its front fork for some really welcome shock absorption, something that is quite a game-changer compared to most modern urban ebikes.

That said, this also makes it look pretty utilitarian, and it’s one of the ebikes we’ve tried that looks most like something a (particularly wealthy) Deliveroo rider might use. 

So, your opinion on the Infinity’s looks might vary a little, although we think it’s ultimately a nice practical design for a bike that is exactly such a sensible option.

Volt Infinity 2022 ebike review: A bike for all occasions photo 2

It comes with hooked-up lighting, although the front light is pretty conspicuous on the front, so this also isn’t one for those who like their ebikes super-slick and hyper-designed.

Mounted between the handlebars is a fairly simple LCD screen that you can use to keep track of your speed, assistance level and your current gear, all of which are handy, with toggle buttons on the electronic shifters to let you change screens.

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It works well, although we prefer our ebikes with no display, which isn’t really an option here. Still, it’s fairly subtle and basic, in a good way.

Volt Infinity 2022 ebike review: A bike for all occasions photo 4

We think the Volt London is a clearly nicer-looking bike than the Infinity, though, even if its design makes for a slightly less comfortable ride in reality.

Assistance and ride

  • Three assistance levels
  • Electronic gear shifting
  • Central crank motor

Hopping onto the Volt Infinity, you can see how those design choices impact on you in all the right ways.

The riding position is a little more upright and comfortable than it was on the London, but the real hero here is the addition of front-wheel suspension.

Volt Infinity 2022 ebike review: A bike for all occasions photo 3

This dampens bumps in a way that can’t really be replicated artificially, and it means that the Infinity is really nice to ride around if you have to head over speedbumps, curbs or small potholes.

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It’s very far from a mountain bike, to be clear, and we wouldn’t throw it down any sort of trail, but the Infinity is still a little bit more practical than most city bikes.

There are three assistance levels to use while you ride, with all three impressive. Eco mode gets you maximum range but impressively still has a noticeable vim to it, while the medium and high assist modes each give you proper propulsion.


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How To Easily Find Your Public IP Address In Two Quick Steps



How To Easily Find Your Public IP Address In Two Quick Steps

If you’re setting up VoIP or remote control software, you may need to know the public IP address of your router, which is assigned by your ISP.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s handy to have your IP address. There is a lot of information attached to your public IP address, like your ISP’s name and your general location. Wondering how to find your IP address? It’s super easy.

How to easily find your IP address in two quick steps photo 1

How to find your router’s public IP address

The quickest, most simple way to find your public IP address is to simply search “What is my IP address?” on Google. But there are plenty of sites out there that will show you the exact same thing, such as and IPLocation. By visiting the site, your router made a request and revealed your IP address. Some of these sites also show your ISP name and city and even have maps. 

  1. Go to
  2. Search: What is my IP address?
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Your public IP address should be the top result.

If your device is connected to the internet, and you can search “What is my IP address?”, then you can find your public IP address. We’ve tried it on Safari on a Mac, Edge on a Windows 11 laptop, Chrome on an iPhone and Android, and so on. It works every time.

Most phones and computers also allow you to see your IP address if you dive into Settings and go to the Wi-Fi menu.

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Why do you need to know an IP address?

Knowing your public IP address can help you troubleshoot internet problems. It can help you discover whether you have a problem with a router or if it’s a specific device you’re trying to use. An IP address also can help you set up new devices and services on your network. If you want someone to administer your network from a remote location, you likely will need the IP address for that, too.

Can you hide your IP address?

A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to mask your IP address. I lets you access an intermediary network with a different IP address, essentially hiding your actual IP address. For more information about VPNs, see our separate guide.

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